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GPS: N 32° 51.103' W 108 ° 13.672'

Pinos Altos Cabins are nestled on a tree-shaded hillside at 7000 feet in the Pinos Altos Mountains. We're The Best Location — just outside of Silver City, New Mexico!
The Best Value in Southwest New Mexico:
Satellite TV • Full kitchens • Wireless Internet • Dog Friendly
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Images of southwest New Mexico by Bob Pelham.

Blue Cabin Guests:
Thanks for this great get away. Enjoyed the awesome views and the night sky.
—S & R

Weather and Climate


Grant County is a remarkably diverse landscape, ranging from open desert at 4000 feet in elevation in the south to mountains over 10,000 feet across the north of the county. Temperatures are generally mild, giving us four gentle seasons to enjoy.

Summer starts in June with temperatures in the 80s and low 90s. June and July are typically the warmest and driest months. Even then, temperatures rarely get to 100. Beginning sometime in July, the seasonal monsoon rains start, so afternoons can be cooler and moister after a thunderstorm.

Fall usually starts around the end of September and a first freeze in October is not out of the question. Fall colors can be spectacular: Above 7000 feet the County has aspens and below that level cottonwoods, providing a range of brilliant colors framed against our deep blue skies. A Fall trip just to see mountain colors is well worth considering!

Winter is typically cool and clear. We occasionally see snow during the winter, although it is gone from the roads quite quickly. Higher in the mountains and in parts of the County above 7,000 feet, snow may persist for several days; at these times, planning ahead for remote travel — and especially for off-road travel — is advisable. On many winter days, the temperature can get to shirt-sleeve weather when out hiking or working. Nighttime temperatures in the 20s are common.

Spring is usually dry and may be windy. Wildflowers and other desert plants can provide a fantastic springtime show, depending upon winter moisture. Late Spring is often very dry, so there are typically no bad-weather days. Nighttime temperature can remain chilly into late May.